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Upwards! is a 2D, minimalist game in which you walljump your way up.

It is a fun and simple yet challenging journey to the top. Timing your jumps and doublejumps precisely is essential to avoiding the many obstacles on your way to reach newer heights. During your climb, you will be able to collect tons of gems which you can use to unlock beautiful, unique characters and colorful new themes to customize your experience.

Let's see who can climb the highest! Onwards and upwards!

◉ Minimalist and aesthetically pleasing design
◉ Simple one tap jump and doublejumping mechanic
◉ 20+ animated, quirky characters to unlock
◉ Handpicked customizable colors and themes
◉ Endless combinations of stages
◉ Leaderboards and challenging achievements to unlock
◉ Ad Removal available for purchase disabling all ads and enhancing the experience

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